iTop for the city of Whitehorse (Canada)


In 2018,  while wanting to meet its requirements for the use of the iTop tool, the City of Whitehorse capital of the Yukon Territory in Canada, sought the assistance of Synairgis in developing certain extensions and to add two new configurations. 

The first requirement for the City of Whitehorse was to develop extensions which led to : 

  • Create a Monitor class
  • Create a Radio class with additional fields
  • Addition of Room, Floor and PO Number fields to all equipment types
  • Change the status of the obsolete field to Pre-Disposal
  • Create a Mobile Phone class with additional fields
  • Create a Security Camera class with additional attributes
  • Link the Security Camera class to the Network Device class

The second need of the City of Whitehorse was the addition of new configurations which consisted of : 

  • Configuration support on notifications
  • An installation and configuration of the creation of tickets from emails

The deliverables of the project were : 

  • A compressed file containing all the developments requested by the City of Whitehorse
  • A Guide on how to install and use the extension 
  • A Guide for configuring notifications and ticket creation from e-mail


  • iTop for Telus [ see

Our team worked remotely and provided deliverables ready for integration. We made the Customer Service Management platform available to our client so he could send his requests for assistance.

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