• Assistance for calcultation of the total cost of possession of IT assets

Assistance for the calculation of the total cost of possession of IT assets


We assisted a major Banking Institution in calculating the total cost of ownership of its computer applications.

Our mandate: Support our Client's teams in identifing the inventory data of their Business Applications in order to determine their cost of ownership.

The service included the following activities :

  • Scope identification
  • Arranging Client meetings to identify the scope of relevant Business Applications and stakeholders with key information
  • Defining a strategy to assist and identify the required data
  • Coordination of architectural teams
  • Coordination and support of the internal teams in charge of the architecture of the solutions in order to search and collect the inventory data available in the different systems
  • Analysis of the maturity of Service Trees


  • Consulting services for the implementation of ECO-ICT indicators [ see
  • Optimization of inventory management [ see
  • For each Business Application included in the scope of the project, analysis of the status of the data describing the corresponding service tree
  • Writing a report analyzing and maturing the 84 Business Applications for which a cost of ownership had to be calculated
  • Delivery of analyzes
  • A spreadsheet with the cost of ownership per application determined by the data collected
  • Summary report of the state of maturity of the service trees and recommendations for improving the data for the next annual operations in calculating the cost of ownership of Business Applications.

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