Design and deployment of IT asset management for a telecommunication infrastructure operations branch


Throughout 2013, our advisors worked on a project team at a major banking institution to roll out the IT asset management process and HP Asset Manager Version 9.30 software within the main telecommunications branch.

This project optimized the management of telephony and telecommunications assets. 

Here is a list of affected components: Switches (and virtual) / Load Balancers (and virtual) /Virtual Telecommunications Server / Video conference codec / Switches / Hubs / WI-FI controllers / Load balancers / Gateways / WI-FI access point / A phone booth / Routers / Physical server of telecommunications / Audio conference phone (Polycom) / Televisions / Telephone UPS.


  • Design and deployment of IT asset management for an automation infrastructure operations branch
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  • Design and deployment of IT asset management for a centralized infrastructure operations division
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Among the works carried out are :

  • Analysis of the existing (process / tools) and validation of the compatibility of activities with the target solution
  • Defining the scope of IT assets to migrate to the new HP Asset Manager solution (physical, virtual, contract, license, etc.) including recurring cost management
  • The detailed documentation (use of our "drawing tables" technique) of processes / tools related to the management of IT assets

  • Identification of the gaps and impacts of the new solution
  • Design of the target solution (functional and technical specification) and linkage of process and tool activities
  • Acceptance test and user training on the target solution; Implementation of an exchange interface to import data from CSV file. The exchange is done via an FTP platform.

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