• Migration de GLPI

Migration of GLPI and Formcreator extension in the academic domain


In spring 2019, Synairgis helped the IT team at Nice Sofia Antipolis University in France to prepare for the migration of its GLPI application. The objective was to migrate the software in its version 9.3.x by ensuring the proper functioning of the entire application, and more particularly of the forms used in production thanks to the Formcreator Extension.

The project took place over a period of approximately 2.5 months. The Synairgis team has developed a response plan that includes the following steps :

  • setting up a test environment
  • analysis of the data to be migrated
  • provision and validation of the reference test plan (nearly 300 documented tests)
  • delivery of the migration procedure
  • completion of the migration test - verification of data integrity
  • University support for migration in production


  • GLPI integration and training on ITIL management processes   [ see
  • Support for the deployment of GLPI within a major Quebec public institution [ see
  • Migrating GLPI and strengthening ICT asset management practices [ see

The tests made it possible to identify corrections to be made to the Formcreator plugin. These were carried out by the publisher with our collaboration and were made available in version 2.8.1

The migration was successfully completed, without causing a service failure for the users.

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