Migrating GLPI and strengthening ICT asset management practices


Synairgis intervened in a public Company in Quebec to migrate the GLPI tool and improve ICT Asset Management practices. 

Our mandate: Migrate GLPI from version 0.83.x to version 0.84.x and improve its use. 

The service included the following activities : 

Improvement of the ICT Asset Management process : 

  • Organization of workshops, identification of key activities 
  • Drafting of process documents, detailed activities and flows between systems 
  • Writing a first version of the Configuration Management Plan
  • Migration of GLPI and Formcreator extension in the academic domain

Migration of the tool including the enhancement of the parameterization : 

  • Identification of required features (native functions, plugins) 
  • Realization of the settings of development and certification then of production 
  • Organization of migration tests Validation of the smooth operation of the discovery data retrieval by the new version of the
  • FusionInventory plugin 
  • Installation setting up and deployment of the order Management plugin 
  • Organization and animation of training sessions for 3 days


  • Management of technological assets training [ see ]
  • Comparative analysis of ICT asset management solutions         [ see ]
  • Migration of GLPI and Formcreator extension in the academic domain [ see ]

Each project activity was divided down into three phases : 

  1. Analysis - design 
  2. Production 
  3. Deployment 

The project took 420 hours of effort within a period of three months. Thanks to a very good collaboration with the teams in operation we achieved the set objectives and delivered some 24 key documents (including User Guides, Solution Setting Enhancement documents and process documents).

The scope of the inventory was that of office automation and centralized server elements (virtual and physical), licenses, orders and maintenance contracts.

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