Consulting Service

While the challenges of managing business services, infrastructures and the technologies that compose them are changing rapidly, you need to know how to support and help your teams, optimize their workflow, align their digital tools and management and thus maintain the efficiency of your organization.

Why talk about efficiency? Because it is pleasant to work in an efficient organization, where operations are supported, where technologies are well managed, in an eco-responsible approach, where security issues are mastered, where projects are progressing well, where customers and suppliers are satisfied and, last but not least, where employees are motivated, supported and engaged.

We rely on reference frameworks and best practices for carrying out transformation and continuous improvement projects in the field of digital and enterprise service management.

 We can support you in setting up an action plan for corporate  digital responsibility (CDR).

 We can also help you on a human level in the management of  conflicts and the quality of life and working conditions. You can

find more information about this service here “Relations and  working conditions”.

In summary, through its expertise in the organization and management of labor relations, in the management of digital, technological, energy and building solutions, Synairgis can help you transform your operations in the long term.

Your Benefits

  • Optimize your processes to put your energy on the right tasks
  • Improve the satisfaction of your internal and external clients
  • Make decisions with clear reports
  • Improve productivity and efficiency of your employees
  • Improve the know-how of your communities of practice
  • Control the ecological and economic footprint of your digital services and prepare your organization for change
  • Facilitate interventions with better system documentation
  • Increase the efficiency of your information systems
  • Reinforce the adhesion of your teams in the management of organizational changes
  • Facilitate the relationship within the salaried body to put your energy into your activities
  • Improve the relations and working conditions of your staff
  • Develop recognition and value the work done

Implementing Good Practices

Good practices allow your organization to use proven methods and procedures such as ITIL. More efficiency, clearer procedures for new employees, better service to your customers: everyone wins.

Defining Business Processes

Reengineering business processes and operational procedures is a key activity for implementing change in your organization. Choose processes based on best practices such as ITIL and take advantage of Synairgis' experience to take action.

IT Governance

Your technology infrastructure should create value for your customers and your teams. To achieve this, your management processes must be optimal for the entire life cycle from the acquisition of the exit of the computer park. Your data must be safe from disasters and attacks. And your management systems should allow you to control your costs and extract the information you need to make your decision.

Managing Your Organization's Assets

Step forward on to a new era in Asset Management! Manage your IT and telecommunication assets, buildings, vehicle fleets, or any other technological asset with the best tools. We help you deploy the appropriate governance, process, and operational procedures, deploy technology solutions (software, systems) that will support your management, prepare and deliver training sessions for your users.

Conflict Mediation - Corporate Social Responsibility

Take advantage of good CSR practices to deploy effective and “responsible” approaches to working relationships and conditions. Mediation gives meaning to the commitments of your employees. It also allows stakeholders to move towards a mutual understanding of the situation, even in the event of a breakdown.

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