Relations and working conditions

Conflict Prevention and Management

In today’s increasingly stressful context, as evidenced by the explosion of psychosocial risks and conflicts, comes an even greater co-responsibility for the quality of life at work. These transformations require support for companies, managers and employees alike, in change management.

We believe that it is important to contribute to well-being at work in a sustainable way for the benefit of your company and its employees in order, among other things, to reduce absenteeism and inequalities, to retain employees and to attract new talent.

We support you in the prevention and management of conflicts in order to promote fulfillment at work.

The processes that we put at your disposal make it possible to contribute to creating a serene climate in which it will be possible for your employees to communicate differently.

For this, we offer mediations, workshops and simulations in order to integrate another mode of communication that facilitates professional and/or interpersonal relationships.


Mediation is for all types of businesses. For an SME, it can be vital by the speed of problem solving. For VSEs, SMEs and large companies, mediation can avoid much more expensive legal proceedings.

It is a recommended solution before engaging in litigation. In the event of an ongoing dispute, mediation is also possible. A lawyer may be present during the mediation at the request of the parties. It will thus shed some legal light. It is also a way of showing employees that they are taken into account humanly and that they are an asset for the company.

It restores meaning to their commitments and actions through the cohesion it creates.

Mediation is a structured process, by which two people or several parties try to reach an agreement in view of their disagreements.

For information, mediation can be carried out with one or two mediators. We are therefore talking about co-mediation in order to make exchanges more fluid and maintain a secure framework. Our mediators have been trained in NonViolent Communication and apply it during their interventions.

  • Facilitate the relationship between employees to put your energy into your activities
  • Save money and time (a mediation service is faster and less expensive than legal proceedings!)
  • Optimize the productivity and efficiency of your employees through project adherence
  • Lead your organization to change based on trust
  • Reduce absenteeism and burn-out
  • Retain employees and their commitments
  • Develop a team culture, even a corporate culture
  • Value expression and develop listening
  • Access team cohesion thanks to a serene climate
  • Attract new talent
  • Improve working conditions
  • Improve the satisfaction of your internal and external customers
  • Enable more effective decision-making in a sustainable way
  • Encourage autonomy and accountability
  • Develop recognition and value the work done

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