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Feng Office-Collaborative Work Platform

Feng Office is a collaborative platform based on an integrated set of Open Source software and web technologies that improves productivity and communication within organizations. Feng Office facilitates collaboration, information exchange, knowledge storage and sharing, among other things.

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The Importance of a CMDB

The purpose of a CMDB is to enable you to manage the inventory of all important items, regardless of their nature, composing your different services as well as their inter-dependencies.

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Digital Eco-Responsibility

Digital eco-responsibility are the terms we use to designate the methods, techniques, activities and initiatives deployed amongst the teams in charge of the conception, deployment and exploitation of digital informational resources from a sustainable development perspective.

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Relations and working conditions

Environmental constraints, the economic context which generates relocations, the development of telecommuting, the increased demand for performance lead to changes in the organization and working conditions. These changes lead to upheavals in the relationships and communications between employees at work and in everyday life.

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