Software Development

Sometimes a specific need for your organization is not met by existing software or the chosen solution does not meet all of your needs. Synairgis can then analyze your needs and help you develop a tailor-made business application, or add functionality to existing software that we specialize in, by developing new modules.

Our development approach, like the rest of our services, is fuelled by our understanding of work organization, resource management and business process optimization.

Your Benefits

  • Get an application adapted to your practices
  • Improve work efficiency with unique features
  • Centralize all information in the same application with new modules
  • Automate recurring tasks and focus on value-added tasks
  • Get complete control over your data and processes
  • Facilitate the transition for your operating teams

Custom Development

When no application is able to meet your business needs or the recurring costs of existing applications are too high for the benefits they bring you, entrust us with certain key tasks of your project : business analysis, architecture, modelling, management and coordination of the development project including your stakeholders. We can also take on certain development tasks and call on our partners for the rest. 

Module Development for Existing Software

Instead of looking for a new application, integrate new features into your current system to better meet your needs. This way, you avoid redundancy of information between systems and facilitate the transition to your teams in operations by extending an application they already know.

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