Comparative analysis of ICT asset management solutions


We conducted a comparative analysis of the two GLPI and Lansweeper software packages for a major public Corporation in Quebec. The study lasted one month and allowed to establish the functional portrait of the two softwares. We analyzed their entire function and for each we identified the strengths and weaknesses.

We used the methodology developed for similar mandates we had done in the past and we improved it.


  • Selection of an IT asset management strategy [ see

The deliverables of the study were as follows :

  • Identification of the level of maturity of the organization in the Management of ICT 
  • Assets Functional matrix: list of functions examined in each tool 
  • Detailed report containing the complete analysis 
  • Results matrix 
  • Summary presentation including our recommendations

This study enabled the organization to better position these two market solutions in their ICT Asset Management activities.

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