Support for the deployment of GLPI within a major Quebec public institution


At the end of 2017, a major public institution in Quebec requested the assistance of our management and integration team for support in the integration and deployment of GLPI software.

Our technical team, specialized in the integration and development of open source software, assisted them in the configuration and configuration activities of the software as well as in the installation of technical prerequisites. The project required an effort of about 800 hours for our team, divided into several stages structured over about 8 months.

One of the particularities of this project is that it aimed to use the functionalities of managing GLPI tickets by our client’s human resources management teams.

This included the implementation of several key extensions. For example :

  • FormCreator for the management of input forms. Our team has become expert in the implementation of these functionalities
  • Parent-child ticket management extension: fully developed by our team

The project was organized in several phases:

  1. General organization of the tool
  2. Implementation for HR Team
  3. Implementation for the IT department

Once the various production releases have been completed, the Synairgis team, the official distributor of the solution, continues to support our customer by supporting the support activities of the tool. To this end, we have made our service management platform available to the client to enable him to send us his requests and any requests for assistance.


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