Assistance in the simplification of a GLPI service catalog


The Synairgis team helped a Montreal-based IT support company specializing in services to NPOs and SMEs to rethink and simplify its service catalog to clarify its client portal and optimize the processing of their requests by its technical team.

Synairgis' expertise in ITSM consulting and integration of the GLPI solution enabled it to offer great added value for this client within the established budget.

The service included the following activities:

  • analyze the needs expressed by considering best practices;
  • conduct workshops by videoconference with the various stakeholders;
  • develop the solution in the context of the client;
  • configure the request forms in the GLPI portal (FormCreator plugin);
  • presentation and validation with the client;

Thanks to the support of Synairgis, this project has improved the time and quality of request processing, and has also enabled the client's administration team to acquire technical notions and IT service management. making it more autonomous for the rest of its transformation.


  • Animation of a specialized GLPI 9.5.x training course [see]
  • Synchronization of GLPI and Outlook calendars [see]
  • GLPI integration and training in ITIL management processes [see

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