• Optimizationofinformationframeworksupport

Optimization of information framework support


Since 2008, SYNAIRGIS has served as a consultant for the Corporation de Développement Économique Communautaire du territoire Centre-Sud / Plateau Mont-Royal (CDEC-CSPMR) to aid with the optimisation of their IT systems.

We have helped the CDEC-CSPMR with the following issues :  

  • Identifying needs and selecting an open source internet/intranet software platform
  • Assistance with the orientation and development of management systems
  • Assistance with preparations for equipment replacement (including Green IT best practices)
  • Assistance with internal document management


  • Design and deployment of an IT services management solution for a large banking cooperative [ see
  • Selection of an IT asset management strategy [ see ]

Note that the CDEC-CSPIMR demonstrates an admirable willingness to commit to sustainable IT practices and to promote their use by Quebec professionals.

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