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Parent-Child Ticket GLPI Extension


In early 2019, the Synairgis team developed the open source Parent-Child Tickets GLPI extension (Childticketmanager) and published it to their extensions catalog : https://plugins.glpi-project.org/#/plugin/childticketmanager 

This extension enables a GLPI user with the appropriate ticket management permissions to create a child ticket from a main one with just a single click.

It is also possible to select a custom template that will automatically pre-fill the child ticket.

Usage : This extension is very useful to quickly create child tickets to a main ticket, which can be very handy for request management teams dispatching requests to other operations groups. It also present only the main tickets to the requesters querying their open tickets.

This development was part of a project with one of our clients. Synairgis maintains this extension and can provide technical support on demand. We also use it in our daily operations.

Our main deliverables were :

  • Documented basic functional specifications
  • Provided the extension’s source code on GitHub
  • Executed tests during the product deployment
  • Provided technical support on demand (paid service)


  • OCS collector for iTop and TeemIP [ see

This extension is compatible with GLPI versions 9.2.x and 9.3.x.

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