Deployment of a complete ITSM solution based on iTop and Synairgis business extensions


The iTop solution and the suite of business extensions for iTop designed and produced by the Synairgis team was chosen because it met all the needs of the client, a large public account, without requiring costly additional developments.

The implementation was done in less than 6 months, to replace the existing aging solution which could no longer evolve due to too many specific developments.

Started in full confinement, the project was carried out largely remotely with the unfailing involvement of all the actors.

An open source solution was not initially considered by the client. The realization of a POC, proof of concept, and the demonstration that followed made it possible to win the decision.

The key criteria for this implementation were:

  • An approach similar to the native solution
  • A CMDB and a service catalog at the heart of the solution
  • A construction without any development modifying the heart of the solution
  • Agility in evolutions

The range of processes that has been implemented is very comprehensive:

  • Incident and problem management
  • Event management (related to supervision)
  • Problem management
  • Management of changes and their implementation (release management)
  • Configuration management with CMDB and impact/dependency analysis
  • Management of goods, inventories, stocks, removals and others

The volume is also very substantial, which made it necessary to constantly keep in mind the notion of performance, namely:

  • + 1,500 tickets created per day (by agents and automatons)
  • + 505,000 configuration Items
  • + 2,070 agents, 15,000 declared users, 140 robots use the solution

Synairgis also trained the teams and supported the change of solution.

Synairgis ensures the support and the evolutionary maintenance of the solution in collaboration with the administrators in charge of processes and users of the client.


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