Data comparison assistant for HP Asset Manager


Our team designed a tool (Dynamic Assistant) which integrates with the HP Asset Manager product. This wizard makes it possible to compare the data between two files or between a file and the data of the HP Asset Manager system. 

The Solution we developed offers a set of features that simplify and speed up the tasks of the user. 

Here is a summary of these functions :

  • The tool can compare data between the source file and the HP Asset Manager system data
  • The tool can compare the data between a source file and the data in a second file
  • The reconciliation field for performing a data comparison can be done using any of the columns in the file
  • The wizard is bilingual and retrieves the user's language setting from HP Asset Manager automatically to display the field labels and error messages
  • The comparison result (log) can be exported to a text file

Examples of use : 

  • Ability to compare data from your HP Asset Manager system with a stocktaking file (Excel) that has been used to record inventory data during a massive asset move or annual census
  • Ability to verify data before import whether with Connect-ITt or the HP Asset Manager Internal Import Module 
  • Ability to compare two external files with thousands of lines and quickly find data gaps and data inconsistencies.

This tool is intended to : HP Asset Manager Administrators, Asset and Configuration Managers, IT Asset Managers and IT Asset Managers. 

Supported version : 9.x - HP Asset Manager Windows Heavy Client


  • A renawal solution for management of ICT asset contracts       [ see

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