Implementation of an interface between iTop and ServiceNow to exchange tickets


Since 2021, Synairgis team has implemented, for a large organization in the health sector, interface and data exchange mechanisms between the iTop software and several IT service management software. The interfaces connect iTop to two ServiceNow instances. We also had to ensure cohabitation with an existing interface linked to GLPI. Each service software is the management tool of different organizations.

This interface uses the native functionalities of iTop.

The goal was to interface the tickets (requests and incidents) including their possible attachments, in the different software taking into account the following main constraints:

  • iTop is the global reference: all tickets must be present and up to date in iTop;
  • a ticket can be reassigned to each of the teams of the organizations concerned.

Our intervention is part of the implementation of a middleware solution (ESB for Enterprise service bus) allowing the various IT service management software from different publishers to exchange data.

As part of this project, our team worked on several scenarios:

  • relatively simple data exchange scenario, as it is based on a one-way approach;
  • more complex data exchange scenario, because based on a multidirectional approach.

Several constraints have been identified which required extensive analysis and testing.

At the tooling level, we relied on the iTop application programming interface (API) that we had to modify in order to obtain the desired behavior.

We also used the Satellite extension (plugin) of Combodo for iTop which adds key functionalities. We have also incorporated changes to the plugin to achieve the target expected behavior.

Main deliverables:

  • Conduct of analysis workshops and drafting of technical specifications; Writing scenarios and use cases;
  • Realization of technical integrations;
  • Carrying out functional tests of the solution and its components with the client's teams and the organizations concerned;
  • Support for implementation in production;
  • Support.


  • Implementation of an interface between iTop and ServiceNow to exchange changes [see]  

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