Synchronization of GLPI and Outlook calendars


Since 2020, the Synairgis team has implemented, for a large urban community, a two-way synchronization mechanism for Outlook calendars and planned interventions in the GLPI software.

We used the CalDav functionality added in GLPI and the free Outlook CalDav Synchronizer extension which allows to synchronize events, tasks and contacts between Outlook and GLPI.

Outlook CalDav Synchronizer has been installed and configured on the workstations of technicians who wish to synchronize their agenda with that of GLPI. In this way, technicians can display their Outlook calendar in the GLPI schedule and vice versa.

 As part of this project, our team worked on several scenarios:

  • calendar synchronization scenario without the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer extension; 
  • calendar synchronization scenario with Outlook CalDav Synchronizer;

Several constraints have been identified which required extensive analysis and testing. For example, it was necessary to allow synchronization from a mobile application without using a heavy Outlook client.

The Synairgis team was involved in all the key phases of the project as the solution integrator:

  • Coordinate the project;
  • Support the client's team for the implementation of the solution;
  • Carry out functional tests;
  • Take charge of the support in collaboration with Teclib.

Our main deliverables were:

  • Writing scenarios and use cases;
  • Realization of technical integrations;
  • Carrying out functional tests of the solution with the client's teams.
  • Production support; Support support.


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