• cybersecurity and assets management

Cybersecurity & Assets Management related ITSM/ESM assistance and consulting in the railway sector


Throughout 2019, in Montreal, our team helped a major Canadian railway company integrate Technological Services Management best practices, for both information technologies (IT) and operation technologies (OT), in order to improve its cyber security posture. During this mandate, we also had to mentor external resources from a major international consulting, auditing, insurance and accounting company that were appointed to reboot the global cyber security program which our project was a part of.

This project allowed us to accelerate the implementation of the Assets Lifecycle Management framework for cyber connected assets that we delivered the previous year, as well as make the different stakeholders benefit from our IT & Enterprise Service Management and Organizational Change Management skills.


Activities of this project included:

  • On boarding of client’s operations teams with the program’s proposed Assets Management and Cybersecurity requirements
  • Establish ties between the operational reality of technical teams and the program’s objectives
  • Orient and support the integration of solutions, service management office and industry best practices in ITSM/ESM
  • Put forth a change strategy based on our 3 axis approach:    
    • Tools: coordinate development of enhancements to an in-house discovery tool to enable its use in inventory compliance and security management        
    • Process: advise and support in the implementation of enterprise-wide assets and configuration management governance, including OT assets        
    • Data: analyze and design service models including railway specific cyber connected technologies    
  • Lead and participate in various integration workshops between the program, many interdependent initiatives and projects and technical and managerial teams involved, including the CISO    

The total effort of the project represented more than 1100 hours of work spread among two advisors from our Technology Service Management consulting experts squad. The project was successfully completed over a period of one year.


  • Definition of a reference framework for inventory management of cyber connected rail technological assets [ see
  • Optimization of inventory management [ see
  • Configuration management situation analysis [ see ]

Main deliverables:

Our main deliverables were:

  • Host workshops and provide illustrative presentations
  • Plan projects aimed at the progressive deployment of the required solution architecture    
  • Assist, advise and provide guidance relative to networking, cyber security, Organizational Change Management (OCM), IT and Enterprise Service Management (IT&ESM)
  • Design and deliver service configuration models including operational technologies (OT) specific to railway and telecommunication fields
  • Design and assist in putting together a Configuration Management Plan for railway-specific systems critical to train operations    

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