Assistance in the operationalization of an IP telephony service


We participated in an IP Telephony migration project from January to April 2014. The overall project consisted in the replacement of more than 65 systems by a single scalable, robust, cost-effective and full of all the benefits of IP telephony.

We participated in the design, implementation, and production of an IT Service Tree to represent the technology infrastructure of the IP Telephony Solution as a real CI (approximately 171 managed elements) in the Customer's CMBD. This tree will be used to manage Services, Changes, Incidents and other ITIL processes.


  • Opportunity analysis for the physical management of IP telephone positions [ see

The delivery of the Service Tree in the Client's tool was accompanied by an operational Release Guide that detailed some elements of the service, the purpose of which is to support its operation (capacity and performance) and the support of Customer Service (support, climbing, etc.).

We also provided a working Guide (accompanying document or task aid) which documents some of the IP Telephony System Tools, activities needed to run the solution at the Customer.

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